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This is what I do

I do custom leather carvings on genuine veg tanned leather. I can do any design you want and I do all the tooling by hand. I specialize in making Leather rifle slings and men ‘s and lady’s wallets.

I also have a new range of incredible key rings and earrings that I am launching now for the first time! I work with hand tools and an industrial sewing machine, everything except the sewing is done by hand. No laser cutting or cnc etc. Just classic hand tooled quality.

I have also been doing gunstock carvings by hand with chisels for 10 years full time and have carved well over a hundred gunstocks. I guess you can say I like to do things the “old” and classic way. Each one of my products is an artwork and because I do everything by hand, it is truly one of a kind.

This is what I do

There has been a couple of articles of my gunstock carvings in magazines like African Outfitter, Gun Africa etc so you may know me from all the gunstock carvings I have done. Be sure to have a look around my sight and remember, I am just a WhatsApp away if you have any questions or special requests.

I do specialize in those custom orders that nobody else are willing to do with handtools, it is eazy to make a pretty picture with a laser machine that does all the work for you.

I, do it all myself, my hands, my artistic abillitys and the help of God who blessed me with this talent. 

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